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300 Spartans Limited, would be pleased to discuss your staffing requirements, even if it is at very short notice.

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We deal in people, not numbers and we are always happy to help.
Our people are our driving force; we value our teams, our candidates and our clients.
300 Spartans Limited have customers throughout the UK.
We will match your skills to our customers, to provide you with the best opportunities for you. We hope you can join the 300 Spartans team and enjoy working for us and our customers.

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300 Spartans recognises the importance for tackling hidden labour exploitation and ensuring ethical labour standards within the food chain. Our most important asset to the company, are the people we employ and we realise that the successful continuation of the company relies on a loyal and well-motivated workforce, who will provide us with an excellent productivity record which our clients have come to expect from us.

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